Miércoles, 1 de Abril de 2020
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Editorial: An Absent State and a Humanitarian Crisis

Cuban migrants in Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica. (AP)

The failure of Castroism was exposed for the umpteenth time by the thousands of Cubans fleeing, spurred by rumors that the Cuban Adjustment Act will be repealed, but above all by the hopelessness in their own country, despite the restoration of relations with the US. They, unlike the rest of the world, are not at all optimistic, as Raúl Castro has been unable to convince them that a new era will begin.

They are fleeing a State that is unable to provide its people with even the most basic services, built for over half a century by the Castro brothers. A State that is now busy concealing the dramatic plight of those thousands of compatriots and their families, negligent as it fails to warn them of the dangers of emigration via Central American routes, and whose only statement regarding the issue has been one by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) attempting to exploit the fate of these Cubans to blame Washington, without condemning violent actions perpetrated by the Nicaraguan military against them.

The MINREX's statement leaves open the possibility that those who so desire may return to the country, but disregards Cuban citizens who have undertaken journeys to the US. Once there, and only then, will Havana pay any attention to them, as possible tools to place pressure on Washington, or potential financiers, as it is only in these capacities that they are of any interest to the regime. Are those thousands of wary and distrustful Cubans right, then? How can one place any hope in authorities who scornfully deny them their rights, and always have?

The media silence surrounding the handling of this crisis betrays the regime's complicity in human trafficking, insofar as it is doing nothing to prevent it. And its failure to warn the public about the dangers of the Central American route to the US could further aggravate the problem. And General Raúl Castro, the cause and culprit behind all this, is quite capable of turning it into a humanitarian crisis.