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US-Cuba relations

What are Cubans saying about Castro’s performance alongside Obama?

Raul Castro news conference with Barack Obama. (ELNUEVOHERALD.COM)

"There's no need to wait until 2018 to relieve Raúl.  It must be done now. "

"This man is decrepit, there is no doubt that others are ruling for him."

"Although it sounds crazy, one misses Fidel."

"What a debacle!"

"As a Cuban I am embarrassed to have a president who cannot even produce arguments to respond to journalists' questions."

"He did not even understand the questions put to him."

"It seems that the responses were being dictated to him by earpiece, and he was answering: ‘I don't understand, I don't understand.'”

"If the president is so doddering, what can we expect? We’re doomed."

"They ought to ask Elizardo Sánchez the names of the political prisoners.”

"He doesn't even know how many laws the Declaration of Human Rights has.”

 “It’s pathetic. They should get him to step down.”

These were, among others, some of the reactions by viewers consulted by telephone after watching the press conference held at the Palace of the Revolution, after the official meeting between Obama and Raúl Castro.

Many were upset by the rude manner in which Raúl treated the journalists who asked tough questions about human rights violations. The truth is that the performance by the Cuban president, who turns 85 in June, seemed to confirm suspicions that the nation is being governed by a shadow group acting behind the scenes.

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que mas se pued esperar de un tipo que tiene un diploma de esbirro y nada mas, yo espero que los cubanos orgullosos de este planeta tengan otro ejemplo de porque deben estar orgullosos de ser cubanos...

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Pobre pamela! Sin fifo a su lado esta perdidita.

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Ridiculo y vergonzoso! Que más se puede decir.