Miércoles, 18 de Septiembre de 2019
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Trump and Cuba

Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's election victory has shocked the whole world and millions of American citizens, who now await, unsure of the future given the unpredictability of the next president of the most powerful nation on earth.

With regards to Cuba, Trump's latest statements suggest a reversal of the rapprochement with Havana achieved through the executive orders issued by President Barack Obama.

It has been the Cuban government' fear of losing power that has dissuaded it from reciprocating with moves towards greater openness, thereby greatly limiting the impact of the outgoing Democratic president's initiatives.

As for Trump, whether he decides to tear up everything Obama has done, or opt, as he also has suggested, for "a good deal" with a regime that has already called on the population for a five-day war drill, it would be desirable for him not to forget the US's overall commitment to the causes of freedom and human rights, or to violate these principles in any economic or political agreement with a regime that, again and again, has demonstrated that it cares about nothing but its own survival.

At the same time Trump must avoid falling into a facile and fierce ideological battle, instead seeking out smart, multilateral channels to foment the democratization of Cuban society and prevent an authoritarian succession on the island.