Sábado, 21 de Septiembre de 2019
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Editorial: Trump Gets It Right

US President Donald Trump during his speech at the Manuel Artime Theater in Miami. (TORONTO STAR)

In his speech in Miami, US President Donald Trump rightly divided Cuban society into two groups: the military and the people. And his criticism of the regime did not center on its ideology, on the single party, or even on Raúl Castro. Rather, he pointed directly at the military junta, and therein lies the greatest difference with Obama's policy.

As he acknowledged, the aim of his new policy is to benefit the people of Cuba by depriving the military of opportunities, an approach that recognizes the corruption in Cuba's army and Cuban intelligence and security services, capable of dominating all the economic exchange between Cuba and the US in its effort to establish a monopoly.

Referring to the need for Venezuela to democratize, the US president conveyed another message to the Island's military by referring not only to its economic corruption, but also its responsibility for the political repression in the South American country.

Donald Trump declared his respect for Cuba's sovereignty, made clear that his Administration has cards in its hands, that the US embassy remains open, and that it is willing to sit down at the negotiating table.