Domingo, 23 de Febrero de 2020
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Editorial: The Regime's Responsibilities

The American Embassy in Havana. (BUSINESS INSIDER)

The Cuban regime has not yet denied the existence of acoustic attacks against foreign diplomats in Havana. Rather, it has stated that it has no explanation for what has happened, and has shown interest in an in-depth investigation of the incidents, but without recognizing any responsibility for them, even though these attacks took place on Cuban soil and affected people to whom it is obligated to offer protection. 

An evasion of responsibility of this kind is what has made the US Government assume its own, closing the embassy de facto and warning its citizens not to travel to the island.

In response, the Cuban authorities have complained about the situation "being politicized" – as if the relationship between the two governments was not always primarily political. Accustomed to imposing their decisions without any debate, for these authorities any action they find inconvenient is "politicized. "

The officials and embassies of the US and Canada in Havana represent their respective governments, and any attack against them constitutes a political scandal. Washington has assumed its obligation to protect its diplomats and citizens. Havana, by contrast, is evading its obligations to all Cubans, for whom the closure of the US embassy is terrible news.

For more than half a century, Cubans have suffered the militarization of the country, and the ubiquitous presence of State Security forces and intelligence services. Now, the obvious failures of this surveillance and covert work have managed to disrupt functional relations with Cuba's neighboring country, where many Cuban-born families live. 

In addition to the lack of freedoms and the induced crisis under which they languish, Cubans will now have to endure even more difficulties and family separations, all due to the irresponsibility of a regime that every day reveals itself more clearly as an obstacle to the nation's well-being, coexistence and development.

In the event that the authorities in Havana do not really have an explanation for what happened, it would be incumbent upon them to work on a joint investigation with the US, and to extend assurances that these kinds of attacks will not be repeated. Not only are they responsible for this political scandal, but also must begin to take steps to restore the normalization of diplomatic relations.