Lunes, 25 de Mayo de 2020
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Editorial: Cuba, Emigrants and Miguel Díaz-Canel

A travelling throng of Cuban and Central American emigrants. (EL UNIVERSAL)

A group of 700 Cubans, along with a yet-to-be-determined number of Central Americans, is on the move from Tapachula (Chiapas, Mexico) to the United States. Another group of Cuban emigrants, more than 600, is sleeping in tents in the Colombian port of Necoclí, also waiting to continue on to the United States. The place is already being called "Little Havana" and the number of people congregated there grows every day.

The regime in Havana has historically blamed Washington for the increase in Cuban migration. According to the official propaganda, it was policies adopted by the US favoring Cuban emigrants that sparked stampedes like those now advancing through Mexico, or waiting in Colombia.

Though those policies have been rescinded, Cubans continue to flee. This constitutes the worst possible phenomena for an ageing country, demographically, now losing young people, and workers, including more qualified and specialized ones.

The responsibility now falls, completely and without any justifications, on the government of Miguel Díaz-Canel. Neither do those other countries in question have any excuses, nations whose citizens continue to flee, along with the Cubans, in the group that recently left Tapachula.

Neither the exception that Cuba once constituted with respect to American immigration laws, nor the similarities of Cuba with other Latin American countries, will serve to exonerate Díaz-Canel. The causes of so many Cubans fleeing are to be found on the island, which has been impoverished by dreadful administration, and a lack of freedoms of all kinds. Cuba grows even poorer by the day, squandering its future as each one of those Cubans leave, in search of a better life.