Lunes, 13 de Enero de 2020
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Vladimir Morera, the political prisoner on a hunger strike, is admitted to intensive care

Political prisoner Vladimir Morera Bacallao was admitted, in serious condition, to the Hospital Arnaldo Milian de Santa Clara on Monday night, confirmed his wife, Maribel Herrera, for DIARIO DE CUBA. Morera, who is in intensive care, has been on a hunger strike for 74 days, and his family fears for his life.

During his transfer from prison to the hospital he apparently coughed up blood eight times, the medical team informed his family, and it is believed that "at any moment he could develop gastrointentestinal bleeding."

"He is very weak and feeble, weighs about 45 kilos (99 pounds), but has not abandoned his hunger strike. He eats nothing, drinks little water, and refuses to bet set up with an IV," explained Herrera.

The protestor seems also seems to be experiencing vision problems.

Morera was imprisoned during the last election organized by the regime. The activist was tried and convicted of protesting and condemning the Government for holding elections that are a farce.

On Tuesday the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance and other opposition groups called for his release.