Miércoles, 18 de Septiembre de 2019
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Dissidents accuse the EU's representative in Cuba of "collusion" with the regime

Guillermo Fariñas y Berta Soler. (EFE)

On Thursday Guillermo Fariñas and the Ladies in White, winners of the Sakharov Prize, lamented the announcement by the EU's representative on the island, Herman Portocarero, of the signing of an agreement between the European bloc and the regime in Havana on 12 December, which would, presumably, bring the Common Position to an end.

Fariñas, who last month visited various EU institutions to condemn persistent human rights violations in Cuba, indicated in statements to the DIARIO DE CUBA that at the EU he was able to secure "commitments by six political blocs not to ratify the current agreement."

The dissenter views Portocarero's announcement as an attempt to "set a precedent, to start placing pressure on other groups in the EU to approve it."

This is why Fariñas believes that Portocarero, as the opposition has complained before, "is demonstrating his open collusion with the Cuban government, trying to spare it from having to make democratic changes and grant freedoms to Cuban citizens." The opposition also stressed that "it is important for the international community to know about this."

"The problem is that they are disseminating misinformation, implying that when this agreement with the Council of Europe is signed everything will be resolved, so that they can manipulate," said Fariñas.

The dissident insisted that four political groups pledged not to accept the text that has been presented, and pointed out that, even if signed, it will later have to be "ratified by each of the 28 national parliaments" that make up the EU. "It is a long process, which they are hiding, in order to manipulate international public opinion," complained Fariñas.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Ladies in White, Berta Soler, told the DDC that the agreement "will not be valid" because it "does not put [the Havana regime's] respect for human rights at the forefront." The activist noted that repression against dissidents "has gotten worse."

With regards to the EU representative in Cuba, Soler said that "apparently he does not care about human rights problems in Cuba." Despite knowing about the repression being perpetrated, said Soler, Portocarero "is incapable of making one call to express concern, like the US Embassy does."

The leader of the Ladies in White added that "years ago this was not the case, as other EU representatives on the island did show concern about the opposition's situation."