Martes, 15 de Octubre de 2019
Última actualización: 10:47 CEST

Activist on hunger strike is transferred to an isolated intermediate care room

On Monday Cuban activist Anairis Miranda Leyva was moved to an isolated intermediate care room at the provincial hospital of Holguin after spending 22 days on a hunger strike, her mother, Maydolis Leyva, told Martí Noticias.

Her twin sister, Adairis, continues at the Lucía Iñiguez Surgical Clinic, and their brother, Fidel Batista Leyva, is being kept incomunicado in a punishment cell at the province's Cuba sí jail.

Leyva told the outlet that: "last night she learned that her daughter Anairis had been transferred from her room at the Lenin hospital to an isolated intensive care room."

"Only the medical personnel attending to her have access to my daughter. I found out that next to her there are two guards, permanently, and they have placed green curtains around her, so that she cannot be seen," said her mother.

According to Leyva, Anairis's room change and isolation are due to her complaint to the authorities that in the room where her daughter was hospitalized she had been handcuffed to the bed.

Her mother, an opposition activist, has not heard from the other twin sister, also hospitalized.

Fidel Batista Leyva remains in a punishment cell at the Cuba Sí jail. According to her mother, she has been informed that he "could be taken to a hospital" on Wednesday.

She was able to have some brief contact with Batista before he was taken to the punishment cell. He had told her that, in addition to her hunger strike, he had decided not to drink water either, at which point he began to "urinate blood."

The family of dissidents belongs to the Movimiento Cubano Reflexión. In November of last year the regime arrested the three siblings and their mother, and accused them of the "defamation of institutions and the martyrs of the fatherland" during the ceremonies to mourn the death of Fidel Castro.

Last February, the three siblings were sentenced to one year of internment, their mother receiving the same sentence, but under house arrest. The activists have maintained their innocence, and commenced a hunger strike to protest irregularities in the judicial process, and to demand their freedom.