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Cubazuela threatens regional security

Venezuelan police. (KIRO)

Foreign political interference and military intervention in Venezuela are not just theoretical possibilities. They’re already happening, and not coming out of Washington, but rather Havana.

The Venezuelan issue - as well as the Cuban one - is not a moral issue exclusively because of the brutal and massive human rights violations perpetrated. The two countries' concerted actions represent a threat to regional security that needs to be prioritized as such.

We are witnessing an internal conflict between the population and a dictatorial State. But that domestic confrontation has been internationalized by the active support lent by thousands of Cuban military and intelligence advisers to Venezuelan narcopoliticians in that country, joined by thousands of other narcoguerrillas belonging to the FARC, and cooperation with Islamic terrorists and Iran.

After the scandal for drug trafficking in 1989, the Castro brothers decided to gradually "outsource" the security risks that this activity entailed. To this end, they transferred these operations and direct links to other states and terrorist groups, Latin American and Islamic, to Venezuelan territory.

The Cuban government has engaged in a genuine externalizationof crime and terror. Venezuela became Cuba's new “MC” (Convertible Currency) Department. From there too - with what seemed like an inexhaustible source of "petrodollars" - there was plotting to promote and/or support governments sympathetic to Havana in the rest of the hemisphere and to replace Pan-American institutions with other anti-American ones.

In reality, the battle to re-elect - contravening the Constitution - Manuel Zelaya was a clash between cartels over the control of Honduras for drug trafficking to the US. The expulsion of the DEA from Bolivia - as well as Correa 's complicity with the FARC, whom he allowed access to his territory, and from whom he received 100,000 dollars for his electoral campaign, according to narcoguerrilla documents seized from Raúl Reyes - was carried out amidst much waving of anti-imperialist flags, but is really part of a scheme between politicians and drug traffickers that was hatched in Havana and financed by Caracas. 

Castro needs the Venezuelan regime to survive, and not only for the petroleum and the subsidies, but also the shady multimillion-dollar flow of resources emanating from various criminal activities. These are assets not accounted for by experts or economists. The criminal sources emitting this revenue are in Caracas, and it is for this reason - not for ideological considerations - that Raúl Castro does not hesitate to aid and abet his Venezuelan puppets and advisers in that country as they massacre those who dare to denounce the colonial and criminal nature of that State.  

The Cuban-Venezuelan issue is not secondary, nor can it wait until other sources of threats to international peace and security are addressed first. We are on the threshold of a major regional conflict, and it is up to the democratic governments of the hemisphere to immediately launch an initiative to prevent it, beginning with the withdrawal of all foreign military or intelligence forces from Venezuela.

General Castro: the blood of those murdered Venezuelans stains your hands! Don't forget that, because the victims won't.   

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